The Sports Dump Nov 11- Audio of “Tony LaRussa” and arresting officer. Kind of.

Great to have Nooch back even though Joe talks the same amount either way.

-Joe updates nooch on the dirty business baseball buried in the news dump over the weekend.

-Tony LaRussa, baseball's icon of the old white man's last stand gets arrested again, and we are here to recreate the interaction. (5:45)

-The SEC has cancelled half of it's games this weekend. WINNING! (actually it may be more as of now, news happens fast)

-NBA DRAFT talk for 15 seconds leads to our new game "6 degrees of Husky" where nooch can link any basketball player (or maybe anything?) to a UCONN Husky. genuinely impressive.
-The MASTERS the most appropriately named Golf tournament ever gets played in the fall, who cares? Not us but we give you some rando picks. Don't gamble on these.

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