Sports Dump- March Badness! no soccer or hockey this episode!

There are times when there just isn't anything going on with sports. I wish this was one of those times. Unfortunately almost everyone sucks. Luckily one of the few who doesn't, Dan Antonucci, is here with me to talk about...

- the fact that we know someone who was at the insurrection

-a former Sports Dump Co-host on Wheel of Fortune last night!

-Creighton's coach, and how he possibly came to use the word "plantation"....twice.

-The surprising news that Texas football boosters are old white racists

-LSU proving no national title comes without some horrible shit. And Maybe Les Miles isn't a genius, or even smart.

-The Head of the NFL players association is essentially working for the owners and not the players. FUN!

-Some odd scientific predictions from nooch (get ready for pangea to return!)

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